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Washing Machines Buyer Guides

Before choosing the product, you could consider the following inputs and that may help you decide the type of washing machine that best suits your requirements.

Types of Washing Machines

  1. Semi Automatic

    A semi-automatic washing machine contains two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying. After washing the cloths, if drying is needed, the cloths have to be transferred manually to the drying tub for the drying cycle.


    • Not necessary to have a continuous water flow. Manually water can be poured to the desired level based on the cloths to be washed.
    • Consumes less water as compared to a fully automatic model
    • Washing cycle requires less time
    • Can be moved easily to any location


    • Manual intervention is required to transfer the cloths from wash tub to spin tub for drying process
    • You may have to remove the electrical connection while moving clothes from washing to drying, if wiring in the house is not properly earthed
    • Most of the controls are manual
    • Requires more space because the machine may be larger than the fully automatic
  2. Fully Automatic (Top Loading)

    This is the most common type of washing machine. Clothes are placed into the top of the washing tub, and a lid closed.


    • Generally cheaper than front loaders
    • Set the required functions and then the machine works automatically and completes the whole cycle from washing to drying. You can select only wash or wash & dry or any other functions as per the model specifics.
    • Usually lighter in weight
    • Wide range of models and feature choices is available


    • Running flow of water needed for the machine to complete the cycle automatically
    • Consumption of water is high
  3. Fully Automatic (Front Loading)

    This washing machine will have door at the front for placing clothes inside. It moves clothes around by rotating the drum.


    • Comes with a built in heater (model specific)
    • Generally more water efficient
    • Wash quality may be better because of a tumble wash
    • Generally has more cycle settings – some washers have a heating element for an extra hot wash


    • Higher initial cost
    • Slower wash cycle – although some models have a quick setting
    • Weight will be higher than top loading machines
    • Smaller range and capacities available
    • Needs a fixed place. Cannot be moved around
Feature Semi- Automatic
Top Loading Agitator
Top Loading Impeller
Front Loading
Capacity 4 Kg to 8 Kg 5.5Kg to 6 Kg 5.5 Kg to 10 Kg 5 Kg to 8 Kg
Wash quality Ok Good Good Best
Delicate Clothes Ok Rougher Good Best
Wash cycle Fastest Fast Fast Slow
Hot Wash No Few Few All
Space Required More Less Less Less
Easily Moveable Yes Yes Yes No
Water Connection Not Required Required Required Required with pressure

Fuzzy Logic:

Many automatic washing machines claim their model comes with Fuzzy Logic .In such models the whole cycle performs just by pressing one-touch button because the Fuzzy system automatically controls the best washing conditions according to the load of laundry.

The high-tech Fuzzy Logic system automatically controls every process from washing to spinning. When the “start” button is pressed before any program setting, the one-touch system detects the weight of the laundry. Fuzzy Logic system also controls washing conditions such as water level, detergent amount and washing time.

No. of Times You Wash Clothes in a Week Family Size Capacity Guide
3 Times a week

3 Kgs
Between 4 and 6 Kgs
Above 6 Kgs
2 Times a week

Between 4 and 6 Kgs
Above 6 Kgs
Above 6 Kgs

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